A downloadable Chair Up for Windows and macOS

Version 0.20 now available!

This is an up-to-4 player physics game. Each player controls a bored employ moving around in the offices. The staff can only sit on the swivel chair and use their legs to kick/pull/stop their chairs.

For XBox controllers (recommended):

Use Left Stick to control left leg, and Right Stick to control right leg.  (Only UP and DOWN are available)   

Use Left Trigger to brake left leg, and Right Trigger to brake right leg. (When you brake one leg, the other leg can still move. You can use this skill to rotate pricisely)

Use A for confirm/ready, B for back and Start button (only Player1) for pause.

For Keyboard: 

Player1: [Q] / [A] for left leg, [E] / [S] for right leg.  Hold [Z] for left brake, hold [X] for right brake. [Space] for ready.

Player2: [P]/[ ; ] for left leg, [ ] ]/[ ' ] for right leg. Hold [ . ] for left brake, hold [ / ] for right brake. [Return] for ready.

Player2 (numpad): [4] / [1] for left leg, [6] / [3] for right leg. Hold [0] for left brake, hold [ ] for right brake. [Return] for ready.

F10 to restart.


Level 1: Don't be Late! - players should move into the elevator to get to the office. The first player gets the most bonus. ($600/$550/$500/$450)

Level 2: Let's work! - players should try their best to answer the customers' call. When talking to the phone, the player can gain $30 per second. Players may bump into others to grab the phone. Every jumping off the bulding will reduce $150 from players' bonus.

Level 3: Magic Mop - each player has a magic mop. The area mopped by someone will be colored. The  area surrounded by another color will be filled by that color. There are some items which can change players' ability. The player who has the largest area of his color wins this round. 

Level 4: Parkour Time - players are having fun on the roof of their office buildings. Inside 3 minutes the player who goes furthest wins this round.

Thanks for playing! Have fun!

If you feel it's fun, please follow us. We're improving it. More levels coming soon!

If you have any good idea, advices or suggestions, please leave your message in the comment area.

Credits: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YVqZ2UvR0kUOvFd-zF5u4o_oRXW69-2c/view?usp=shari...




左摇杆控制左腿,右摇杆控制右腿 。均只能上下移动摇杆。向上为前进动作,向下为后退动作。LT键为左腿踩地刹车,RT键为右腿踩地刹车。A键准备/确认,B键返回,1号玩家可用Start键暂停游戏。



玩家2:[P] / [ ; ] 分别控制左腿(前/后),[ ] ]  /  [ ' ]为右腿。[ . ]为左腿刹车,[ / ]为右腿刹车。回车键为准备。

玩家2 (小键盘):[4] / [1] 分别控制左腿(前/后),[6] / [3]为右腿。[0]为左腿刹车,[ . ]为右腿刹车。回车键为准备。






第四关: 屋顶跑酷。每个椅子玩家都有一个跑酷梦!在危险天台,玩家需要发挥自己的控椅技巧来绕过障碍、躲避机关并最终到达终点。三分钟结束时,跑酷距离最远的玩家获胜!




Official Play Through Video:

Thanks for this video from @Haondoor

Install instructions

Wired XBox controllers and Keyboard are recommended. 

Wireless controllers works in Windows but might have some button mapping problems in Mac platform.

Up-to-4 players with 4 controllers (2 of them can be on one keyboard) connected to the same computer

Player 1 (the first connected player) is the game manager who can interact with the menu.







ChairUp_Windows_0.20.zip 39 MB
ChairUp_MacOS_0.20.zip 38 MB

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This game is a lot of fun! We played before the most recent update, so we are going to need to check out all the new content. It looks nutts now! We did have an issue where the game crashed directly in the middle, but much fun was still had.


Hi! Thanks for playing our game. I believe we have fixed the bug in the latest update. Feel free to check the new version and share your experience XD. Have fun!


New levels really surprised me. And it would be better if has online mode.
Keep following your update ;)


Best game idea !

hope to make online mode :)

Thanks for playing! We'll work on that :)

I love this concept! Exactly how I get around the office

Thanks for playing!

Such an entertaining game! Another thing to do when hanging out with friends! Keep up the good work ;)

Thanks for playing! Further developments are underway...

Made a video



Great game!! I can play with my friends.

And its cute and bright style is easy on the eyes. Love it 😻 

Thanks!!! We'll have further development!