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me encantaria jugarlo, se ve cool, pero pasa que abro el juego....y no me reconoce los mandos...uso mandos de ps3 no entiendo....


lol funny game keep up the good work

I made the mistake of playing this without looking at the instructions first time... :-D This is a really fun game, especially with 4 players. The parkour level is extremely challenging.

just wondering, does it say that the file is suspicious? Because when I downloaded it my computer warned me that it was a suspicious file.

I don't honestly remember, and I'm not sure if it's less likely to happen if downloading using the Itch app rather than directly.

If your virus scanner doesn't like the file because it doesn't recognise it (probable), usually it just wants to send it to the lab to check it's okay before letting you open it (unless you change the settings of your security software). 

Or is it Chrome flagging up the file as suspicious? If so you can override the setting and scan the downloaded file with your security software to make sure before launching it.

Sorry for the late response btw!

Same for me it says that with games sometimes, like I was downloading a game from Dani but it was fun.

most of the time windows says a file is suspicious anyway

no our computer sometimes is dumb

This game is amazing xD My brother and sister rage quitted because the controls were too hard so now i have to play by myself in this game lmao





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add multiplayer now I have no friends thats why  I clicked on multiplayer on my page, so hurry up and make me a multiplayer do as your king says now


i need multiplayer i only have one xbox controler and no peps to play with :(

play whith me

....... wow posted 7 months ago

well sorry i have 2 controllers

how do i open it 0-0


multiplayer? A great idea!!!!!!

the game does not see my controler (xbox one)

does it work on 32 bit systems?


Just uploaded an x86 version, try it! Thx for reminding

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This is a very well made game, my brother and I had a lot of fun

Alright, so, i still haven't played the game, as I first want to know if it's compatible with PS4 controllers. The fact that every game only points out the XBOX controller controls always makes me wonder if they are compatible with PS4 controllers, as I can only connect them, and not my XBOX controllers

Oops! Really sorry for that inconvenience. But PS4 controllers do have many compatibility problems with unity games. You could try and maybe you'll figure out some different key mapping. But we can't guarantee that works. Sorry anyway!

Alright, then. Well, better something than nothing, right?

Add the game to your Steam Library as a non-Steam game.  Play it through steam and you can get just about any controller to work.  That's how I'm playing with a Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Download DS4 and then map xbox controls

This game is a lot of fun! We played before the most recent update, so we are going to need to check out all the new content. It looks nutts now! We did have an issue where the game crashed directly in the middle, but much fun was still had.


Hi! Thanks for playing our game. I believe we have fixed the bug in the latest update. Feel free to check the new version and share your experience XD. Have fun!


New levels really surprised me. And it would be better if has online mode.
Keep following your update ;)


Best game idea !

hope to make online mode :)

Thanks for playing! We'll work on that :)

I love this concept! Exactly how I get around the office

Thanks for playing!

Such an entertaining game! Another thing to do when hanging out with friends! Keep up the good work ;)

Thanks for playing! Further developments are underway...

Made a video



Great game!! I can play with my friends.

And its cute and bright style is easy on the eyes. Love it 😻 

Thanks!!! We'll have further development!