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It's a beautiful sunny day, you and other ducks are chilling out on your fancy boat. Suddenly, a balloon fish jumps out of water and lands onto your boat. Well well well it's time to have some fun...

Infamous Duck Ball is a chaotic local/online co-op & competitive game for 2 to 4 players. You play as ducks who cannot swim. Make use of the balloon fish to destroy other ducks' safety rings (and their holiday)!

FUNNY DUCKS! - With your magical neck, you can push or grab the balloonfish to destroy other safety rings!

POOR BALLOONFISHES? - Once on the boat, always on the boat. But they can prick all the safety rings!

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MADNESS - Work together (or against each other) to be the winner!

LOCAL MULTIPLAYER  - Sit together with your friends to enjoy this funny game in parties!

STYLIZED VISUAL ART - Enjoy the cool cartoonish models, animations, and scenes designed by our team!

Infamous Duck Ball supports two modes, each features different goal and gameplay.

1 VS 1 - This mode provides a 3-round battle between 2 players. Destory all your opponent's safety rings to win!

2 VS 2 - This mode is a 1-round battle between 2 teams. Each team has a boat of its color (red or blue). Be the first to collect 10 safety rings of your color and bring them back to your boat to win. But beware of the balloonfishes on the boat!

Infamous Duck Ball is originally a project created during our NYU Game Center Game Studio 2 course in '20 spring, we would like to thank our instructors Robert Yang, Maria Mishurenko, and Steph Clark, who gave us useful tips during the developement; our classmate Hao Fan (@haofan), who inspired us on the 2 VS 2 mode; as well as other fellow classmates, your feedback helped us a lot in making this wonderful game.

Love you 3000!!!

Install instructions

*** I've downloaded the file, what do I do next? ***

  1. Extract the .zip file you've just downloaded
  2. Double click the InfamousDuckBall.exe to run this game
  3. Based on your cpu & gpu performance, choose the proper display quality :)
  4. A better PC serving as host would provide better experience in online mode

*** I've open the game, how to play it? ***

Check the "Help" menu for control mapping & rules :)


Infamous Duck Ball - Win_V0.20.zip 47 MB
Infamous Duck Ball - Mac_V0.20.zip 47 MB

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Need time to improve my coordination of controlling duck’s movement😹But extra exciting when destroying your opponent's safety rings when bewaring of your property loss. Love it!

Thank you KiwiQAQ! I believe you will become a master at this ;)


Thanks Kiwi! Have fun!